The Mess Crank

“One of the many things that every old diesel submarine sailor remembers is the time that was spent in the After Battery crews mess onRead More

We Never Had Pizza

I once worked with a fellow submariner who rode the Nuc boats back in the late 1980’s and remember him mentioning something about ‘Pizza’ night….. Read More

North Atlantic

Do any of you pre West Coast remember the North Atlantic run we made? Not sure of the year but we carried a British OfficerRead More

Yard Period

I came onboard the Sailfish in 1963. I believe the first yard period we were in was in 1965 at Philadelphia. Anyway, a bunch ofRead More

Who’s is longer?

I have a question that needs an authoritative answer. The story goes that a sailor on the Salmon, the Sailfish’s sister ship, welded a pieceRead More

The Nav Level

Those little windows on the sail are in the free-flooding section called the “Nav Level”. I was told that it was for standing lookout watchRead More

Prepare To Snorkel!!

“I’ll never forget the sounds, smells, and vacuums that took place during a good snorkel run, but what will always stick with me was beingRead More

Submarine Qualified (SS)

“The most dangerous person on a submarine is the ‘Non-Qual’” One of the greatest days of a submarine sailors life is the day he isRead More

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