Fort Valley, GA September 25, 2019 – October 3, 2019

This year’s “Fall Fling” will take place between September 25 – October 3.  Ronnie and I have been doing this every year (spring and fall) for years (except when Ronnie was going through Chemo treatments) and always have a blast!!  Any old crew members are always welcome – there’s always plenty to do!  Looks like Ed Jackson will be joining us for a few days also!

This year we’ll be breaking out the musical instruments and playing some old tunes together.  Then there’s always the shooting range, skeet, or if things get too hot, a dunk in the pool!  And like liberty in Subic City, it pretty much don’t cost a damn thing!!

Contact: Lanny or Ronnie



  Got the coffee mugs ready!

 Bogies always got a place here!

 Ain’t nothing better than Connie’s meatloaf!

 The boys at the bar!

 Setting up to do a little jammin’!

 Enjoying the evening!

 Ed Jackson at the range.

 Fort Valley bacon wrapped venison backstrap with peppers!  Ed  makes a pretty decent chef!

 Connie made us a blueberry pie!

 Another great evening at Bogies Bar & Grill!!

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