Author: Phillip Deas

75 years old. Married with 6 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren. Like to play golf and read in spare time. Was on the Sailfish from 1963 to 1969.

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  1. Now that’s an interesting story! My guess (knowing boat sailors) would be that someone (more than likely an enlisted crew member) took that poor unsuspecting Non-Qual, air robbing, British Officers only pair of dress shoes while he was asleep in someone else’s rack and painted those arrows on the tips of those shoes so that he would at least know which way he was headed when walking through the boat….

  2. The British officer name Gibson and the American spook was Hayes. I last saw them in the Airport in DC, I communicated with Hayes later and he said He had lost contact with Gibson in later as the years passed by, both were fine men. The trip was in the fall of 67. believe Mr, Hayes has passed away since.

    1. Been a long time since I seen you last Art… Still think of the Peoria reunion and Connie and I visiting with you when we were in Tennessee. Been almost 20 years. Hope all is good. Lanny

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