Our Tribute To The ‘Five-7-Two’

USS Sailfish – Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – 1970

The United States Diesel Electric Submarine is HISTORY.  Many of the men who have served in them have already taken their ‘Final Dive’, or are well into retirement.  The history of these ‘Antiques’ and their inhabitants must be preserved.

There was a time when efforts were being made to preserve Sailfish as a Historic Museum – those efforts failed due to the exorbitant amount of asbestos found in the air within her hull.  Some of her parts did make it to other museum boats before her demise, and I’ve been told that in order to remove those parts, people were required to wear a breathing apparatus while inside.

The Sailfish may not have made it as a ‘Museum’ boat as others have however, “We the crew of the 572 ARE the museums”.  Our experiences and memories tell the stories that ‘paint the picture’ of a true historic museum.

This website was created as a tribute to the family members and many crews who served aboard the USS Sailfish (SSR/SS-572) during her 22 years of service to her country as both a Radar Picket (SSR) Submarine and an Attack (SS) Submarine.  All of her crews gave selfishly of themselves in support and defense of the United States and its allies during her operational period, and throughout her history served honorably as a unit of both the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets. Like all submarines, she was operated by men who volunteered for hazardous duty aboard these boats.

Unlike many other online Submarine group Social Media websites, this site is neither totally closed to the public or real time interactive.  This site does however include a dynamic memory/blog page with documented accounts from those of us who are members of this site and served aboard Sailfish.

Bill “Lanny” Lanahan & Ronnie “Chicken-Leg” Slack

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